Manufacturers of transport refrigeration equipment for More than 50 Years, developing & designing systems to meet with Sweden's environmental code enacted since 1999 to create a healthy & sustainable environment. Sweden aim to be supplied by 50% renewable energy by 2020. this philosophy is at the heart of the Hultstein's product range.

Hultsteins use hydraulic's to power the refrigeration equipment directly, using the energy generated from the vehicle to provide power for the fridge (not compromising on efficiency by converting to electrical energy) when the vehicle is slowing down, going down hill or breaking. The kinetic energy built up in the truck is harnessed and distributed as energy to power the fridge for free. This reduces the fuel used by over 50% to cool the products, and helps reduce the Co2, Particulate & Nox produced from the refrigeration equipment to maintain the product at the correct temperature. As the refrigeration is powered via a truck engine that meets the latest Euro 6 specifications, any increases in low emission zone charging will be limited to the same as the truck. 


are distribution partners for Swedish manufacturers, Hultsteins. We are proud to join Hultsteins in bringing their transport refrigeration equipment to the UK market.

There is increasing pressure to clean up pollution created by diesel, with the aim to improve air quality, particularly in our cities.

The Hultsteins units are all powered from the truck engine, rather that its own lightly regulated diesel engine.  which means the fridge emissions meet with that of the truck that it is fitted to. Hultsteins units are powered directly from the truck engine, ensuring energy losses are reduced to a minimum. Efficiency and constant capacity cooling keeps the products in first class condition throughout the distribution process.

Auto stop/start can be used to ensure the product temperature is maintained even when the truck is stopped and the driver is away from the truck. 

HULTSTEINS working together with SCANIA to reduce Emissions from TRU's