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Cold Connect provides hybrid drive systems and low emission solutions for the transport refrigeration industry. Solutions that don’t cost the earth.

Statistics say that road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Although manufacturers are doing a great job in bringing new eco-friendly vehicles to market, we need to consider how many of these vehicles are using diesel  powered transport refrigeration units. Add this to the equation and the percentage of Co2, NOx & particulate produced from transport is much bigger.

Hybrid drive systems are becoming more popular due to tighter European regulations on air quality in cities throughout Europe. High Co2, NOx & particulate emissions from diesel are creating very serious problems to our health and environment. On 8th April 2019, new regulations came in to play in London for ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones)resulting in costly penalties for businesses driving vehicles in and out of our cities that don't meet Euro 6.  ​ 

In 2007, Cold Connect sold the nation’s first clip-on hybrid drive system that powers diesel-driven trailer transport refrigeration units on electric generated from the tractor unit - An innovative technology that offers countless benefits and savings to your business and operation.

By installing ECOGEN on to your Diesel transport refrigeration units, you are not only benefiting your operation by saving on fuel and maintenance but safeguarding your business from potential penalties, securing future residual value of your equipment, and benefiting the world with cleaner air to breathe through reduced emissions.

We as businesses need to create an impact and prepare for the future, today

Cold bank eutectic freezing & chilling 100% of the delivery run. We offer two options to freeze down our cold bank with electric using traditional condensing unit either mounted to the vehicle, or a remote charging station sited at the depot.

The benefit of the charging station is it can run multiple systems at any one time & the vehicle has no refrigerant on board.

Ecogen is a hybrid-drive system that harnesses kinetic energy from the truck and recycles it into electrical energy for the transport refrigeration unit. 

Benefits include: 

- Improvement of air quality through reduced Co2, Nox and particulate 

- Reduced fuel consumption

- Low maintenance 

- Safeguarding your business from potential lorry restrictions

Cold Connect offers a variety of options to fit your vehicle. 

Cold Connect supplies a full range of heat transfer cooling refrigeration systems for transport. These units have been developed over the last 10 years to meet European temperature control requirements with zero noise, zero emissions and in some cases zero maintenance. Running costs can be extremely low with multi-temperature and on-road charging is available as an extra.

Coming soon...New in Zero emission cooling is cold transfer cooling where cold is generated outside the box. This system reduces, weight, cooling time, noise and emissions.


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Ecogen Hybrid Clean Technology For Refrigerated Transport
Cold Connect Hybrid Solutions for Diesel Transport Refrigeration


Hultsteins build transport refrigeration equipment that is kinder to the environment and powered by Euro 6 spec Diesel or CNG engines.  

Hultsteins unique design allows savings on two fronts: To operate with a lower body height improving your vehicles MPG by as much as 10%. Compared to a Diesel powered TRU Hultsteins constant capacity hydraulic drive can reduce cooling costs & emissions by as much as 60%. Hultsteins have no intrusion into the load space and are available multi-temp in lane configuration from just the host unit.


Hultsteins Environmentally Friendly Transport Refrigeration Clean Technology

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